To understand how to get the most out of icloud storage, it is important to know the answer to the question, “what is icloud?”. iCloud is basically automated cloud storage for Apple devices. That includes Macs, iPods, iPhones, and any other devices available. The storage space allows people to save and share everything digital. Documents, emails, files, photographs, videos, music, and games, among other things can be saved from all devices.

The icloud function has to be set up on each device separately, but once it is activated, there is nothing else that has to be done. Access to the items in icloud is easy, but it can be confusing for some people who are not familiar with the devices. People having trouble, or those who want to learn every aspect of the application can go to for detailed information. The site has step by step instructions for every device, details on how to access which icloud components, and what is in my icloud for better usage.

A major component that can be confusing is icloud storage. Device owners receive 5GB (gigabytes) of free icloud storage. That can be used up quickly, depending on how many devices are owned. Once the icloud is activated on a device, it automatically backs up what is on the devices. One way to get more out of the free storage is to delete things that are not needed. Check to see what is in storage, and get rid of things that are not important. Those emails to friends were automatically backed up, and unless they are important, can be deleted. Many people are not aware that they can also switch off the icloud back up storage when it is not necessary to keep what is placed on the phone, tablet, or other device.

Another way to free up icloud storage space is to transfer items to other free storage options. Dropbox, for example, will hold photographs, files, and emails. People can still keep those items, but get them out of icloud storage. Those who want to keep everything stored can upgrade their storage amount for their icloud account. Plans can be purchased at nominal monthly fees, based on the amount of storage desired. There are tiers that start at 20GB, and proceed up at specific intervals. The payment is added to regular monthly charges for services. People who wish to purchase additional icloud storage space can go to for pricing and plans available.